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Living In Recovery 2nd Annual Golf Outing, June 5.
A few spots are still available...  Click here for all the details and to register  

What Are 12-Step Programs All About?
Most people who are familiar with substance abuse recovery programs have heard of 12-step programs. These programs, when applied properly, can help individuals to take steps towards ending their addictions for life. What you may not know is that the basis for this program was established by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s.  Over the years, these program have been adopted by many to address different forms of addictions and used primarily as a tool for spiritual growth.

Living In Recovery is grounded and closely connected to AA/NA and as such, our residents “work the program” and most are moving along the 12-step road.  Although these steps contain a tremendous amount of detail, the foundation of the program is quite simple, and serves as a basis for many belief systems, religions, and personal development programs:
  • Don’t Drink/Drug (stay clear of things that harm your body, mind and soul)
  • Trust in God (acknowledgement that there is a higher power that influences our lives)
  • Repair What’s Broken (life, work, relationships, actions)  
  • Help Others (serving those around you) 

Creating Successful Outcomes
Living in Recovery provides affordable housing and a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol for persons suffering from the disease of addiction.  Our mission is centered on striving to create successful outcomes for our residents, including staying clean and sober while in our program while developing the tools to transition out of our program.  Here is an excerpt from a letter received by a recent Living In Recovery resident:

“In my addiction I had been to one other house but was a halfway house. I lasted a month there before I relapsed and was kicked out. Of course, majority of the reason was because I “wasn’t ready” but the other part was because I wasn’t comfortable there. Too many girls, rules/punishment that seemed nonstop (being put on a black out for going over your phone call limit), and the staff honestly, was really mean. None were recovering addicts and they seemed to treat everyone as if they had something better to do. In my whole time at LIR I never felt alone in my recovery. I would see Bruce at meetings and he always..ALWAYS wanted to talk to me about how my recovery was, how the house was, and inquiring about any problems. Rachel and I always would text or talk to one another every day as well as in meetings. Even now that I am out of the house I still haven’t lost contact with her. I felt like I was being treated like the grown up I am but of course with caution. I was held accountable, and at the same time trusted in that what I was saying or doing was the right thing. Like Bruce would always say I’m in your corner as long as you keep doing the right thing.
"Living here, at what I called 'home definitely taught me so much….it changed me. It helped me grow up basically and realize what I really am capable of. I grew mentally here more than anything else. I learned patience, sympathy, empathy, open mindedness, as well as learned about my own defects here….I feel like I was meant to come to the LIR House and help it grow as much as it’s helped me. And Bruce and Rachel. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.”

Our mailing address is:
8775 Centre Park Drive #218, Columbia, MD 21045

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