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Paula Doyle Joins Living In Recovery Board of Directors
We are pleased to announce that Paula Doyle has recently joined the Living In Recovery Team!  Paula, a resident in Howard County since 1995, currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for American IV Products, a medical device repair depot and manufacturer located in Harmans, MD.  She has been with the Organization for 12 years and has responsibility for all budget and financial activities as well as human resources for the Company.

Paula has been active in the AA community in Howard County since 2007 and volunteered her services to organizations like Howard County General Hospital and the Westminster Rescue Mission.  She initially began supporting some of the financial reporting activities for Living In Recovery in the Spring and agreed to become a full member of the Board in the Summer. Paula is already applying her considerable skills and experience to strengthen and diversify the financial management of Living In Recovery. To keep expenses low, all the administrative functions of LIR are performed by board members pro bono.

Creating Successful Outcomes
Living in Recovery provides affordable housing and a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol for persons suffering from the disease of addiction.  Our mission is centered on striving to create successful outcomes for our residents. These outcomes include staying clean and sober while in our Program and developing the tools to effectively transition out of the Program.  This month, we are sharing a quote from   a resident who spent 16 months in one of the Living In Recovery houses and moved out in 2014.  This individual, who has transitioned to an independent living situation, remains clean and active in the AA/NA community.  He shared the following as he began his transition away from Living In Recovery:

“What Living in Recovery has done for me is given me a better life than I could have ever imagined.  It has given me a new sense of pride and a new outlook on life.  When I first got out of Rehab, the guys in the house made me feel welcome and smothered at the same time.  The let me eat their food and dragged my butt to a young peoples’ meeting and introduced me to a lot of the people in the fellowship.  I was forced to do simple things like get a job, go to meetings, keep the house clean, make my bed and don’t use.  I had to re-learn all those things that I had forgotten while I was in active addiction.  It’s given me a roof over my head, some lifelong friendships and so much gratitude for the life I have today.  In short, Living in Recovery has done so much for myself and my life that it would take a lifetime to pay back the debt.”

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